Friday, July 19, 2013

A Little History

Yes, Guthrie has been around a while, it started with a horse race and was built in days. The town has aged gracefully and beautifully. It has grown, shrunk and changed and it's doing it again. It seems that for a while business were closing up downtown and leaving with only a few of the most successful and determined hanging in downtown. We can't deny there have been a few more vacancies than we would like to have but then on the other hand those vacancies can become your next opportunity.

This community and, it's residents, some new, some who have been here for decades and some whose families came with the land run are here. They are friendly, diverse and inclusive and best of all they are welcoming.

In the past half century a lot of small to mid sized communities have found that they were losing their younger folks to the urban areas. But more recently the trend is reversing itself.  Younger folks are looking for forward thinking cities where shopping, schools and work can be easy to access and a real sense of community exists. That city is Guthrie, Oklahoma 2013. Housing prices are affordable, neighborhoods can be historic and beautiful. Most shopping and business is just a bike ride away.

It's something for young business people to really think about. If you've ever dreamed of living and working in a graceful historic city now is the time to make that dream come true. There are so many good things I cannot possibly mention them here. But the friendly folks at the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce and the City of Guthrie Economic Development Office will be more than happy to fill you in on the particulars.

But while you are thinking this over, our next few posts will focus on some ideas that would fit in perfectly in our grand old town.

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