Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn Block Party

Another block party and according to others, ourselves included, it may have been the most fun of all! Maybe it was the October weather or the combination of the people who helped put it together and those who attended but by Weird Guthrie standards it was a huge success. Thanks to all of our 2nd St neighbors who always bring the good old fashioned fun, Union Tacos and the Bluebelle Saloon for all of the great grub and for feeding our bands, Allison from Brown Egg Bakery who brought the sweet flavors of autumn treats, James Long who kindly brings the bounce and fun for the kids, Los Colognes who drove all night to get in from Nashville, Bandelier who are the nicest guys ever and our new super talented neighbor, Parker Millsap, it was a real treat! A special thank you goes to John Vance Auto Group who helped sponsor the event! Now fall has fallen and winter will soon be here whatever shall we do with ourselves? We haven't inked it in yet but we are definitely penciling in a few ideas for the cooler months. Let us know if you are up for more Make Guthrie Weird Block Party fun.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Words to Ponder

All righty people, while I'm busy thinking of the order of importance of our community's needs. I know I put the big ones, ice cream and pie right on up there, here are a few more words to think on. Don't you for one second think that our community isn't already first rate because it is, but aspiration is a great thing. We are great as individuals but we are amazing as community! We can be a force to be reckoned with.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

To Remember Me By

Photos are how we remember. It has been since the process was invented. And nowadays we almost always have our phones in hand ready to grab a shot. Some precious, some informational and some too much informational. But wouldn't an old time photographer using an old time process taking contemporary photos be a perfect fit in our old town. Checkout Lumiere Tintypes to find out what I'm talking about

Lumiere Tintype

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's August, it's hot, it's my birthday and I deserve one wish...

... I know that this whole blog is one big wish and the pie shop was one specific wish, but what's a pie shop without an ice cream shop? Pie is great, but ala mode is greater. If you read this story about this company you can't help but agree that Guthrie needs Salt and Straw.  The people are amazing, their story is interesting and though I haven't had the chance to try their product, I'll take odds that I'll love it. It's always hard to move those who have settled in the cool misty northwest, out and convince them that Oklahoma is where they oughta be. (isn't that a song?) But if they won't move, there must surely be an enterprising and ice cream loving Okie ready to take the plunge into the heart of historic old Guthrie and make this happen. A pie shop and and ice cream shop side by side, it could happen and that my friend is serendipity.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Livin off the land,

and the grocery store, a few restaurants and of course the snow cone stand. Have you heard of the Portland Preservation Society?  Check it out and I'm sure you'll agree we need one. I've got sand plum jelly, brown eggs and a little Berkshire bacon. What have you got? I need apricot jam in the worst way or maybe the best way.

I know I'm dreaming big, but...

this is our wish board. And yes I wish we had Imogene and Willie right here in our town. We need good jeans here too. But if Nashville is keeping them busy I know there is someone out there with a great idea for a product and the yankee  ingenuity to get it done. These people started their business in an old gas station. Folks we've got old gas stations and you've got ideas. It can happen here. And our friend, Gary Good already knows what you need to, that Guthrie is Oklahoma's Music Capital. And musicians need them some good jeans.

I need to pick up a few things.

Yes, I could use a few little things, a snack maybe, a cold drink, milk to go with Missy's donuts, just a little variety that can be picked up in a hurry. Of course I shop at Homeland (for the gasoline credits) and now then at the store that must not be named or you know who, when I need to get some paint and sunscreen and Biscoff. But meanwhile back at the ranch we need this, we cannot live on snow cones alone here in downtown. So pretty please, an urban bodega, sort of Guthrie's version of Royal Blue Grocery in Austin.