Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's August, it's hot, it's my birthday and I deserve one wish...

... I know that this whole blog is one big wish and the pie shop was one specific wish, but what's a pie shop without an ice cream shop? Pie is great, but ala mode is greater. If you read this story about this company you can't help but agree that Guthrie needs Salt and Straw.  The people are amazing, their story is interesting and though I haven't had the chance to try their product, I'll take odds that I'll love it. It's always hard to move those who have settled in the cool misty northwest, out and convince them that Oklahoma is where they oughta be. (isn't that a song?) But if they won't move, there must surely be an enterprising and ice cream loving Okie ready to take the plunge into the heart of historic old Guthrie and make this happen. A pie shop and and ice cream shop side by side, it could happen and that my friend is serendipity.

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